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Why Running

I’m running because I am convinced I possess the personal background and passion needed for this position. That background includes my 40-plus years of being with and attending numerous educational seminars conducted by my wife, Lillie Jessie, whose school board seat I am running to replace, and many other nationally recognized education consultants. These experiences allowed me to learn what works when it comes to high levels of learning for students. It has given me a rare and close view of the educational needs of this school division. 



 I do, however, have my voice and opinions. I frequently speak during times allotted to citizens at school board meetings. I have and will continue to challenge and correct other citizens with views and opinions I believe the majority of the citizens of the county do not share. I am not afraid to fight for our Democratic values and positions. Fighting and standing up for what I believe comes easily to me. I served and fought for my country as a decorated Marine enlisted man and an officer. Service to my community is equally important. I am very dedicated to student excellence, but I am also keenly aware of the need for safety first in our schools.


Finally, my organizational skills, work ethic, and background as a Human Resources Management Professional, including my analytical skill in analyzing pay equity issues and data, coincide with the School Division’s goal of “Organizational Coherence.”


I will be honored to serve as the next Occoquan District School Board Member.

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