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Decorated Veteran & Community Servant Dedicated to Enhancing
Safe Schools Where Learning Can Thrive 
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Richard M. Jessie, aka "Jessie," has an incredible life story that has given him a unique perspective on community service and the importance of education. He was often the only Black in his elementary and high school classes. Jessie and his mentally disabled sister lost their mother, their father, and their grandmother before he was in high school. Jessie never had anyone at home that read to him or could assist with his education. However, the community encouraged him and told him he was special.


Jessie joined the Marine Corps upon graduation from high school. He never envisioned himself going to college, but once in the Marines, he was determined to find a way to become an officer. However, in less than four years, Jessie achieved that goal. He was the only African American in his two officer training schools but was an Honor Man. He also became a decorated Marine officer, receiving the Bronze Star and Purple Heart.


Our school boards are currently under attack, and we need leaders like Jessie to represent our students and us and secure their futures. Across the country, we are seeing efforts to undermine the authority of school boards, politicize education, and restrict the rights of students and educators. We cannot allow this to happen.


As a decorated veteran, he knows the importance of service and community. As a successful corporate manager, he understands the importance of fairness and equal opportunities. And as a passionate education advocate, he knows the value of a quality education for all students.


Jessie's experiences have given him a unique perspective on community service and the importance of education. He knows firsthand the difference that a supportive community can make in someone's life and wants to ensure all students have access to the resources they need to succeed. His time in the military has also taught him the value of discipline, leadership, and teamwork, skills that will serve him well on the School Board.


Now is the time to act. We must support candidates like Richard M. Jessie, who will represent us and fight for our schools. We must mobilize our communities, spread the word, and vote in every election. Our schools are too important to be left in the hands of those who seek to undermine them. Join us in supporting Jessie for School Board, and let's secure a bright future for our students.

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